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I love Clermont County - I truly believe it’s the best place in Ohio to raise a family and build a life. My wife Amy and I are the proud parents of 4 children; three daughters, two who graduated from Ohio Colleges and one daughter who is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky.  We are also the proud parents of our son, who is serving our country as a United States Marine. Having a community that our families can be proud of is critical. That’s why I’ve been dedicated to serving the great people of our community for the last 31 years as a firefighter/paramedic in Miami Township and as the former Mayor of Milford. Service is part of who I am. When I’m called, I step up. And that’s why I’ve decided to run for Clermont County Municipal Clerk of Courts this November.

Yes, there is an election this fall and it’s critically important. Why? Because the Clerk’s office is in dire need of revamping. The current leadership of that office has been going along to get along for years, resulting in poor service, haphazard policies, and a lack of focus that’s necessary to continually improve the office. 

Here’s a great example - Did you know that Clermont County Municipal Court Clerk’s office is the only municipal office in southern Ohio that is not set up to accept online payments? In order to pay fines or cost you must appear in person or mail a certified check or money order.   These archaic processes makes it more difficult on the people of Clermont County and is most assuredly resulting in a loss of revenue for the County.

While the Clerk’s office operates as if it’s still 1990, other Clermont County Offices such as the Court of Common Pleas Clerk, the Treasurer’s office, Auditor’s office, and Recorder’s office are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology making it user friendly for the public. It’s way past time that the Clerk’s office catches up, and that requires a change in leadership.

As your next Clerk, I will use my decades of public service and private sector experience to achieve modernization of the office, provide more accountability, and increase the accessibility for our community. This will be accomplished through the implementation of a 90-day plan where I intend to review and reevaluate the day-to-day operations of the Clerk’s office.  I will implement changes where needed to achieve best practices.  I will work closely with the judges and the legal community instituting changes as needed to provide an effective, efficient, accessible office.


I am very passionate about being able to affect change in a positive way.  I will use my experience, positive attitude, and my ability to work with others to modernize the Clerk’s office to effectively serve the public.  

I look forward to meeting the residents of Clermont County as I campaign.  A Vote for Vilardo is a vote for a better Clermont County.  The citizens of Clermont County deserve the best. 


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